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Adverts for EX33 magazine

Posted on Oct 1, 2018

Marston Property Solutions

The EX33 magazine is a local business advertising magazine that goes out to homes in the EX33 post code area. The magazine has been running for many years and features mostly businesses from the EX33 area as well as some local news and articles on local people.

EX33 magazine October 2018Being based in the EX33 area, we have designed and created adverts for several local businesses that have appeared in the EX33 magazine over time. Recently we have created a half page and quarter page advert for home improvement specialists Marston Property Solutions

Marston Property Solution specialise in windows, conservatories and roofs, but also offer a wide range of general DIY and building services and general home improvements.

We have recently received October’s EX33 Magazine and were excited to see that there are now five adverts in the magazine that we have designed and produced, including the half and quarter pages adverts for Marston Property Solutions.

If you are looking to advertise int he EX33 magazine or would like your current advert updating, why not give us a call and see what we can do, perhaps next month we will have six, seven or more adverts in there!

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