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We respect your privacy. Any user data submitted or collected on this site is used purely for the purpose of administering the business. No information is sold or passed on in anyway to any other person or organisation.

How is your data collected?

Data can be collected through the use of cookies and the contact email form. Data may also be collected by third party sites such as YouTube, who have their own privacy policy.


This site uses Google Analytics to collect information on site use. The information is collected by the use of a ‘cookie’ which is a small text file, written to your device during your session. The data collected on the cookie is then fed to Google to for the purpose of user data analysis.

The information collected enables us to get a better understanding of how visitors find and interact with the site.

Google Analytics is not required for the site to function correctly, but is an invaluable tool to help us manage and update this site.

No personal information is collected other than your general location.

How is data stored?

Data from Google Analytics is stored on Google’s server who operate their own privacy policy.

Data collected on this site via the email form is stored on a secure mail server and on company computers and phones.

Your rights

You have the right to request the removal of all of your data at any time. You can also request what data we hold on you for a small fee.