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Torch Vets Identity

The Brief

A few years back, Charter Vets merged with Torbridge Vets to create a new company called Torch Vets. Charter was to focus on pets and small animals while Torch was to focus on large animals. Although one company, Torch ran two departments for farm animals and equine independently. During the transition a logo was created for Torch and we created a temporary website. Once everything had settled down, there was a need to update the brand and create new websites and marketing material.

As one company, Torch wanted to use a uniform brand throughout, however their equine department and clients where a different market to their farm animal clients, so there was a need to create slightly different material for both.

The Solution

We developed designs that would have a global appeal to both markets and were flexible enough to be adapted depending on the need. A logo was designed that could display each of the different departments of the company. We then created a full corporate identity for both together with an identity guideline booklet, specifying colours, typefaces and graphic elements which could be used in a variety of situations.

Once the identity was in place we set about designing artwork for items such as:

  • Business stationery
  • MS Office templates
  • Advertisements
  • Information leaflets
  • A5 folders
  • Vehicle livery
  • Exhibition stands
  • Branded clothing

Once all of these items were in place we designed and built the Torch Farm and Equine website, which makes use of WordPress Multi Site, to separate the two departments into individual sites that can be administered by each of the teams independently.