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Ridan EU sites

The Brief

Ridan are a North Devon based company who make food waste composting machines for catering businesses and schools. We have been working on their SEO and online marketing for some years now and they have a steady market in the UK. Increasingly, they are getting enquiries from Europe, so they felt they needed to create multiple websites in European languages.

The solution

One option would have been to use a tool such as Google Translate to translate their existing UK website, but sites converted like this are indexed as English language sites, so it may have helped a non English speaker to read the site, but would not have helped in search engine rankings in other countries.

We purchased domain names for France, Germany, Italy and Spain and built a one-page website in each language and hosted the sites individually on each of the EU domains.

We are currently monitoring the sites via Google Analytics to see how well they perform and will revisit them soon to make any necessary amendments.