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Advertising is the most effective way of communicating your message with your audience

Advertising works. Whether you are a small business advertising locally to customers, or a global corporate advertising across the world to a vast audience, advertising on websites, in print, on TV, or sports events gets your message across and helps to build customer confidence in your company and its products or services.

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  • Seacon Advert
  • Private Health Professionals advert
  • Torch Farm advert

Online advertising

We design and produce advertisements for the web. Banner ads, skyscrapper ads, MPUs and more. Single frame, multi frame, animations and rollover ads can all be designed and created in house.

Adverts can then be added directly to your own website, or sent off to a third party company who can distribute your adverts throughout the web, such as Google ads. Adverts can appear on websites, in apps, in games, anywhere where a digital device is connected to the internet.

Costs can vary significantly depending on budget, number of impressions and where the ads appear.

We can organise online advertisement campaigns on your behalf through Google and social media such as Facebook. We make sure that all campaigns are monitored to collect data so you know how effective the campaign was, potentially helping to improve on the next campaign.

Print Advertising

Magazines, local papers, national papers can all feature print advertisements. From business card size to quarter page, half page or even full page, we can design and produce the artwork in house then arrange the distribution of the ads. It is more difficult to know how effective print campaigns are compared to online campaigns, but we can advise on the most suitable course of action depending on what you are advertising.

Other forms of print advertising

As well as newspapers and media, print advertisements can appear at sports grounds on hoardings, Billboard posters, bus-stops, public transport and many other places. We can produce the artwork and arrange the printing for any of these mediums and then work with a third-party advertising company who will arrange the distribution.

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