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We offer range of ecommerce solutions for anyone wanting to sell online

  • DCR Inspection systems online shop
  • Mindfulness courses
  • Appledore Book Festival ticket sales
  • Mark Parkhouse antique jewelery online shop
  • Holidays in Croyde holiday booking

ecommerce is the general term for any financial transaction that takes place on the web. This could be holiday booking, ticket sales, subscriptions or, of course an online shop.

We have the expertise and experience to carry all of these things and more. We work with WooCommerce for WordPress or Magento systems as the framework for our ecommerce solutions, then add a bespoke, professionally designed theme to suit your branding or market. Payment can be routed through Pay Pal, Stripe, Worldpay or any other payment system.

Online shops

Both WooCommerce and Magento offer all of the features you need and would expect from an online shop, including:

  • Promotional area
  • Featured items
  • Product categories
  • Product filtering
  • Shopping basket
  • Online payment
  • Product photos and information
  • Related and recommended products

Adding products and management of the shop from the control panel is straightforward, though most of our clients prefer the ease of WooCommerce.

We can work from an existing, ready-made theme or design a completely bespoke theme that will fit your branding and target market.

If you do not have a merchant account or any other payment method, we can assist in setting that up for you.


If you run an organistaion where members pay a subscription, or if you sell content through a pay-wall, then you will need a system that will manage your users and enable them to pay online and keep track of which member has paid and what entitlements they have with that particular membership level.

There are several out-of-the-box WordPress plugin solutions available for both of those scenarios, but circumstances would dictate which solution would be best.

We can determine membership levels where some groups have more access or more rights than others.


Holiday rental booking, car rentals, room hire and many more can be booked and paid for online. Our holiday letting system is set up to take bookings and instant payment for holiday property letting, but can easily be adapted to sell booking for just about anything.

Tool hire, Disco PA systems, massage sessions, wedding venues even tuxedo hire can all be booked for a set time, on a set date for a set price and then paid for online with all the details of the bookings being stored in the database and an invoice being generated and emailed to the purchaser.

If our out-of-the-box solution isn’t quite right for your needs, we can adapt and customise both the look of the site and the functionality to tailor it exactly to your needs.

Ticket Sales

We have a ready made solution for ticket sales. With our ticket selling system you can:

  • Sell tickets online
  • Restrict the number of tickets per event
  • Control the number of tickets per purchaser
  • Offer discount codes for tickets
  • Sell tickets at varying prices (adult / child, member / non member)
  • Email a digital version of the ticket
  • Multiple events and multiple tickets on one site

All ticket sales data is stored in the database and can be searched, edited or exported in XL, CSV format

Other ecommerce

There are lots of things to sell online and lots of ways of doing so. Perhaps you just have one product to sell such as digital download products like audio files or PDF’s so don’t need a full online shop. As long as you have a method for receiving payment, such as a Pay Pal or Stripe account, then we can build a solution for you.

If you have a product, or a service you want to sell online, then get in touch and let’s get your idea moving.