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Website leasing

Posted on Sep 13, 2021

Money dropped into a jar for website leasing

You are familiar with car leasing – welcome to website leasing

Spread the cost of your website and even get a whole new one for one simple monthly cost.

Spreading the cost of things is nothing new but more and more online services now seem to be switching to monthly payment plans in a bid to sell their services.

There are obvious pros and cons to this in that you do not need to find a lump sum all in one go, but after a period of time, you could end up paying more than the original price.

Our solution to was to use the model used by car leasing firms, which offer affordable monthly payments for a brand new car, but also allow you to update your car after a period of time, therefore adding greater value to your monthly payments.

As anyone who already owns a website knows, you could spend anything between £800 and £8,000 on a new website, depending on the complexity and amount of content, but within a few years, that site could start to look dated, or no longer offer the sort of service your customers and clients require. At the very least it will need to be updated to the latest framework, security and software that run it.

Why pay more every time?

Why keep on paying out for updates, amendments and design refreshes, when you could just pay a set amount every month on a regular basis that covers all of those requirements?

That is where our new website leasing option comes in really handy.

We already offer several packages to start-up businesses to help them get up and running, but our new website leasing plans offer a range of options starting from just £4.99 a month which could help both starter and established businesses.

Find out more about our website leasing options