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With the increase in mobile use an app has become an invaluable tool for business

  • Chalfen jewelery app
  • AQA Mobile app
  • ATG Tickets
  • Slapp app for communicating
  • Cloud UPDRs app


The term ‘app’ is a shortened version of software application. A software programme that runs on a computer device that provides a service, information or entertainment. With the increase in mobile use and the consequential increase in mobile device storage space, more people are using apps than ever before.

The technology behind an app is similar to that of a website, making use of PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML to form the structure functionality and appearance of the app, however where apps differ from websites is that they can hook into the devices on board technology such as the camera, microphone or GPS.

The cost of the app will depend on what functionality is required and how much work is involved. Simpler apps may take only a week to produce, while others could take months.

Some features may require a native app building. This is an app that is designed to run on a specific operating system such as Apple’s ios or Google’s Android. Native apps are faster to load and run and can harness more of the devices functionality.

What we offer

We have the in house skills to design and build mobile apps. We have worked with third party companies and clients to provide UX and graphic design work for apps and have also designed and built apps in-house.

We can talk through your ideas and make suggestions on how to get the best out of your app.
Our process starts with an initial consultation from which we will produce mock-up designs and concepts to enable you to get a better ‘feel’ for how the app will work. The next stage is the development stage where the app is built and tested. The final stage is to get the app registered with Apple and Google so they can be accessed by the public.


All work is bespoke and dependent on requirements, so we cannot offer set prices. Please let us know your requirements and we will be happy to get back to you with a free estimation as soon as possible.

Why not contact us and discuss your app requirements