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motorsport logistics

Posted on Jul 25, 2023

Seacon UK are a specialist logsitics company based in Merseyside but shipping goods in and out of all major UK and world ports. We are very proud to have a long standing business partnership with Seacon that dates back to 2004, so we were delighted when they reached 18 years old back in 2022 and asked us to give their website a refresh and set up a social media campaign to celebrate.

As well as giving the Seacon UK website a re-design and update we added some new features such as a history timeline which features all the major steps the company took during it’s growth.


Seacon describe themselves as Specialist Logistics as they have departments within the company specialising in specific goods such as the import and export of clothing, Import and export of alcohol, event logistics and motorsport logistics.

Seacon UK partner with M-Sport for Motorsport Logistics

The Motorsport Logistics department of Seacon UK has seen massive growth over the last ten years or so and they have now partnered with M-Sport, who are the rally team behind all Ford rally cars. Seacon UK ensure all cars and equipment are shipped around the world for the World Rally Championships (WRC).

Customs clearance

One area of the company that has really taken off in recent years is their dedicated customs clearance department.

Since the UK left the EU, all goods traveling back and forth between mainland Britain and the continent have to go through customs clearance. Beforehand, goods could travel freely which made the transportation of goods quite easy, but since Brexit, manufacturers have struggled to understand the complexities and legalities of the customs process so have turned to experts like Seacon UK.

Seacon had already been handling goods in out of all world ports so already had a department dedicated to handling customs clearance, but since Brexit, this department has grown considerably.

Why not give the Seacon UK website a visit : https://seacon.uk.com