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WordPress development Devon

We have been working with WordPress since 2007. We love it and our client’s love it

Originally introduced as a blogging platform, WordPress has developed over the years to become one of the most widely used and popular website frameworks in the World.

There are many reasons for it’s popularity:

  • Ease of use
  • Simple, intuitive, user-friendly dashboard
  • Robust and secure
  • Thousands of third-party plugins to extend functionality
  • Constantly updated keeping pace with technology, law and security

A framework is an out-of-the-box, fully working website that requires only a theme (the visual aspect of the site) and your content. By using WordPress we can greatly reduce the development time required to build a website and make updating in the future quick and simple too.

WordPress is very well supported with thousands of free and paid for plugins which extend it’s basic functionality. By using plugins we can reduce the time required to build and customise websites. Plugins don’t always do exactly what is needed, but a combination of WordPress, third party plugins and custom code enables us to build a site to your exact specifications quickly and at an affordable price.

One of the most prized features of WordPress is its back-end system, which has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. Intuitive and easy to use, anyone can add pages, blogs, media and news to their website without a problem, using an attractive, back-end, admin control panel they call ‘The Dashboard’.

WordPress Themes

With WordPress, the framework, content and theme all work together, but can be kept separated. This means that in future, the theme can be updated without the need to change any of the content or structure, saving time and money when giving your site a fresh, new look.

There are several options with themes. You can start with a free, basic theme or a more advanced paid-for theme. Most of our clients opt for a completely bespoke theme, designed and built specifically for them. This can cost more, but yields much better results.

For most businesses, a custom theme is needed. A look and feel that has been designed exclusively for them using their branding. At North Devon Design, we have been developing custom WordPress themes together with custom WordPress websites for many years and have built up a great deal of experience. We have built themes for our own clients and for third-party clients to use in their websites.

WordPress Multi Sites

In some cases, clients require several websites that are interlinked and share resources such as images or copy. We can make use of the WordPress Multisite feature to create a master site, with super-admin control who has control over sub-sites, each of which can have it’s own look and feel, branding and url. Making use of parent and child themes, we can reduce development time and costs by sharing some theme resources such as global style sheets or global images and logos.

We are WordPress experts

Being WordPress development experts means that we can add, edit, modify and tailor WordPress to do anything you need it to do to suit your needs. WordPress is built on PHP which our Development team are experts in. Although WordPress is based on PHP, it does have it’s own methods and processes which differ from standard PHP and that is something we have become experts in over the last decade.

Our work includes:

  • Development of full WordPress websites
  • Repair, upgrade or enhancement of existing WordPress websites
  • Design and development of WordPress themes
  • Customisation of existing WordPress themes
  • Bespoke build or customisation of WordPress plugins
  • Working with our own clients and external companies
  • WordPress website hosting

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Why not contact us to discuss working on your WordPress website, or to build you a new one.