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WordPress is the perfect framework for any website

Although we do occasionally use other CMS systems, most of our websites are built on the highly successful WordPress platform. WordPress was originally a blogging platform but has been adapted and added to over the years to become a fully functional CMS framework for building websites.

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Using a combination of freely available third-party plugins and custom built plugins, we can produce custom WordPress development to do anything you need for a website or web application. Written in PHP, WordPress is secure, robust and makes use of all modern web technologies, enabling you to maintain an up-to-date, trouble-free website.

One of the most prized features of WordPress is its back-end system, which has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. Intuitive and easy to use, anyone can add pages, blogs, media and news to their website without a problem, using an attractive, back-end, admin control panel they call ‘The Dashboard’.

WordPress experts

Being WordPress development experts means that we can add, edit, modify and tailor WordPress to do anything you need it to do to suit your needs. It’s a great application for developers to work with and a great application for end-users to use, resulting in a great website or web application for your business.

WordPress Themes

One of the great features of WordPress is that it keeps the site structure and the site content separated. The main WordPress structure is kept in one place, while the content is stored in a database. The look and feel of the site is created by a WordPress theme. There are many themes readily available to download for free from the web, while there are some nicer versions that have to be paid for. To change the look of your site, you just download the theme, flick a switch and you instantly have a whole new look website.

For most businesses, a custom theme is needed. A look and feel that has been designed exclusively for them using their branding. At North Devon Design, we have been developing custom WordPress themes together with custom WordPress websites for many years and have built up a great deal of experience. We have built themes for our own clients and for third-party clients to use in their websites.

WordPress Multi Sites

In some cases, clients require several websites that are interlinked and share resources such as images or copy. We can make use of the WordPress Multisite feature to create a master site, with super-admin control who has control over sub-sites, each of which can have it’s own look and feel, branding and url. Making use of parent and child themes, we can reduce development time and costs by sharing some theme resources such as global style sheets or global images and logos.

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