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Crazyfish Model agency


Crazyfish brought a glamorous taste of the big city to North Devon when director, Paul Salmon relocated in 2004. Originally, Crazyfish Management the company managed musicians, artists and fashion models. They have now expanded to include several other creative, media led services and changed to Crazyfish Media.

As a startup business, Crazyfish had to start from scratch and came to North Devon Design for a complete corporate identity along with marketing material and a website. They wanted something with a laid-back, surf feel reflecting the area the business was operating in. Their image had to appeal both to locals and to the larger, London based marketing and photographic agencies that they dealt with on a day to day basis.

The solution

Along with their logo and identity, NDD created a website which was database driven in order to store the details of all the models on their books. The Content Management System was a bespoke build, enabling the team at Crazyfish to add and edit models and add photos to the website quickly and without fuss. SEO work was carried out on the site which quickly established itself in the number one position in Google when searching for ‘south west models’.

Once the website had been established, we assisted Crazyfish with a marketing campaign that included advertisements for magazines, postcards, flyers, email flyers and even t-shirts.

The original site was built back in 2004 and has seen several changes since as the company has grown and has changed its look and feel in order to attract a wider audience.

The site has been a great success for Crazyfish, who continue to gain the majority of their inquiries through it.

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