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Online digitial marketing packages

We offer a range of set online marketing plans to help drive traffic to your website.

All plans are based on an hourly rate, paid on a monthly tariff. The first stage for all plans is to analyse your current site and carry out basic search engine optimisation.

Search phrase analysis

Each month we look at the search phrases that people are using that are relevant to your business. We then test how well your site performs for those search phrases and how it compares to competitors. This may result in some adjustment of existing content, or the creation of new content in order to focus on specific search terms.

Analytic analysis

We look at your website’s analytic data to find out how people respond to your site. We find which pages are working and which pages are not using the bounce rate figures. This information may result in making some content or structural changes to address the problem areas.

Social media updates

Social media has become an integral part of marketing a website online. We make sure that your social media accounts are constantly updated with fresh, lively content that links in with the search phrase work on your website.

Monthly report

You will receive a monthly report outlining what work has been done and what results have been achieved, including your search engine ranking positions for focused search phrases.

Email marketing

Available only on Premium and Premium Pro. We create an email marketing email, including the design, content and structure, then email out to all of your subscribers. Links in the email will be tracked so we can monitor the success of the campaign. The results will appear in the monthly report.

Blog and news updates

Available only on Premium Pro. We create content to keep your website’s news and blogs up to date with interesting articles, that can then be shared with social media.

Ad campaigns

Available only on Premium Pro. We can design and create adverts and set up adverting campaigns with Google Ads and throughout the web. All results can be monitored and collected to understand how viewers responded to the ads. Please note that your advertising budget is not included in the monthly package cost. The package cost covers the management of the campaign. It is entirely your decision what your advertising budget can be.




£60/ Monthly
  • Time per month: 3 hours
  • Search phrase analysis
  • Content creation
  • Analytic analysis
  • 3 Social media updates
  • Monthly report

Premium Pro

£400/ Monthly
  • Time per month: 24 hours
  • Search phrase analysis
  • Content creation
  • Analytic analysis
  • 20 Social media updates
  • Email marketing
  • Blog and news updates
  • Ad campaigns
  • Monthly report