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Devon Land Skills Training

Posted on Jul 20, 2023

Martin Ivall Land Skills Training in Devon and Cornwall

I have a neighbour who is one of those people that is just easy to like.

Always friendly, always polite and considerate and always willing to help his neighbours out.

This is quite handy when he is a qualified and experienced tree surgeon who takes 30 minutes to scale a tree and cut down a branch that has been blocking light from your lounge for about 5 years.

I was delighted then, when he turned up at North Devon Design needing a new logo and website for a new business he was setting up called Devon Land Skills Training. Having spent almost 30 years climbing and cutting down trees, Martin Ivall has now moved into training and assessment and this was my chance to repay his kindness by doing a really good job on his website.

Martin is now a LANTRA approved trainer and assessor, with a wealth of personal experience to help train, asses and qualify people moving into land skills, or established people expanding on their current land skills.

Martin also carries out LOLER inspections too in order to make sure the equipment people are using within the land skills sector is safe and up-to-date.

His website provides a biography and background as well as featuring the wide range of LANTRA approved land skills courses he offers for Devon, Cornwall and the whole South West area.

Trainees can book through the website, but a phone number is provided too for anyone who needs to discuss their training requirements in more detail.

Visit the Devon Land Skills website.