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North Devon Design have the experience and skills necessary to make your product or service stand out and give the right message to the right target market

  • sportcore products from Coreware
  • Telescope financial product from Blays
  • Polydenial 100R1 product branding
  • Mobiflirts logo - Mobile phone dating company

Brand identity and packaging design are amongst the many design services North Devon Design offer. We can give your product or service a unique identity that sets it aside from your competitors using logos, icons, colours, design elements and typefaces, we can construct a brand that appeals to the market you are aiming at while offering a visual explanation of what the product or service is or does.

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is a collection of logos, images, design elements, colours and typefaces that combine to create a unique look that instantly identifies your product or service. A good brand identity will communicate with the customer, giving them an instant summary of what the product is, what the quality is like and who the product is aimed at, all before reading a word.


After an initial consultation in which we will gain an understanding of your product or service, we will then carry out some market research to ascertain your competitors products and what your target market is looking for. The data will then be used to create a series of concept ideas. We will then arrange a secondary meeting to decide on the best idea and then develop that into a full brand identity.

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