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Give your business or product it’s own unique identity through branding to help it stand out from the crowd

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What is a branding?

In it’s simplest form, branding, or a brand identity is about giving your company or product a unique appearance that makes it easily recognisable. However, Branding goes much further than that. A good brand identity will communicate with the customer. The use of colours, typefaces, graphic elements and photography can help to portray the character of your company or product and can be used to target specific demographic groups.

Branding also sets the ‘tone’ for your written content, helping you to communicate with your target market. This combination of tone and style creates a character and personality which your customer can relate to.

Brand trust

Good branding makes a good impression and a lasting impression. It helps you stand out from the crowd. If your business or product looks good then it will instinctively portray good quality, which in turn creates trust in your brand.

Is a brand identity vital?

Start up and small businesses often overlook the importance of a brand identity. It would be very difficult to market a brand new product if it was packaged in a plain white box as it doesn’t give the customer any information. In a similar way it is difficult for a company to communicate and market themselves without a brand identity.

Many new businesses will cut costs and corners by using templated websites or printed items. The result is a confusing mess which gives out mixed messages which does not help to give the customer much faith in the company. Get your branding sorted from the start and then everything else will follow suit.

What can we do for you?

There are no specific rules to a brand identity. Established businesses or larger companies may have a more detailed, in-depth identity covering every aspect of the companies communications, while start-up businesses can start out with a basic identity that can be used for their website, business stationery and marketing material.

After an initial consultation in which we will gain an understanding of your product or service, we will then carry out research to gain and understanding of your peers and your target market. The research will then be used to create a series of concept ideas. We will then arrange a secondary meeting to decide on the best idea and then develop that into a full identity.

For a start-up business this may simply be a logo together with a guideline on colours and typefaces. For established business looking to rebrand or improve their brand, we will go much further into detail and ensure that the brand ethos is applied to all aspects of the business.

Brand Identity for Established businesses

For established businesses, we can build on your existing identity to create a more comprehensive set of guidelines, or we can modernise and refresh your existing identity. If you are looking for a completely new brand identity, we can use a phased approach over a period of time to gradually change your identity to avoid the risk of confusing customers.

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