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Get the most out of digital technology with digital video and multimedia

North Devon Design make use of modern technology to explore new, exciting and vibrant ways to get your message across to your audience through digital video and multimedia.


Multimedia is the term used to describe a combination of different media formats such as music, sound, graphics, images, video and animation. The most common application on the PC is the Multimedia CD-Rom, but as Internet connection speeds grow, Multimedia content has now found a place on the Web. Multimedia is an exciting and entertaining way of getting your message across to your customers and clients.

Interactive Multimedia is the term used to describe content that can be interacted with by the end user. This could be as simple as selecting photographs or more complicated interaction such as video games.

Some of the many applications of Multimedia include:

  • Business Presentations
  • Web based animations and presentations
  • Flash
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • CD-Rom and DVD Advertising
  • CD-Rom and DVD based Tutorials
  • CD-Rom and DVD Educational Applications
  • Web and CD-Rom based Virtual Tours
  • Promotional CD-roms and DVD’s

Digital Video

We have the in-house skills to produce promotional videos using cutting edge video editing software. We design the video and create the graphics and produce the finished product, but work with third parties to obtain the raw footage. The finished video can then be added to your website either directly or through a video service such as You Tube or Vimeo. The video can also be turned into a DVD, or used as part of a CD-Rom presentation or Powerpoint presentation.


Slideshows are a series of images and information that play continuously in a loop, displaying products or promotional messages. They can be created and played through software such as Microsoft Powerpoint then played directly from your pc, or converted into video files to be played from You Tube or DVD discs. Slideshows are ideal for situations like waiting rooms or showrooms to display your latest products or important messages via large screen TV’s or monitors. We design and create slideshows using a variety of software, but can produce the final version in the format of your choice.


An interactive Multimedia CD-Rom is a great way to combine images, information, sound, video, maps and all kinds of information. They are interactive, which encourages user engagement. We design and build interactive CD-Roms that can be played on both Mac OS and Windows computers. Through our Print Management service, we can arrange for the reproduction of the CD-Rom and design and printing of the cover.


Powerpoint is a software application forming part of the Microsoft Office suite. Many businesses throughout the world use Powerpoint as a way of sharing business and product information with clients. This information usually comes in the form of a slide show presentation and is commonly used in conjunction with a projector at seminars and presentations.

Powerpoint has built in features such as animated graphs, sliding images, buttons and lots of other interesting, interactive and entertaining features to make presentations more interesting and engaging. At North Devon Design, we have become experts at getting the most of Powerpoint to create professional looking presentations that give the right impressions to your viewers.

We can help you get more out of powerpoint by exploiting some of its more powerful animation and video features. We can also make your presentation look much more professional, allowing you to present a better image of your company or product.

We can produce a template file that you can use over and over again, or we can produce the whole pesentation for you with text, images, graphs and animations.

Using Powerpoint’s powerful ‘pack and go’ feature, we can produce a file that can be shared with others, possibly as a download from your Web site.

Our Powerpoint presentations can be both MAC and PC compatible.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is a term used to describe animated graphics such as logos for use in multimedia or video. We use several software applications such as Adobe Flash and After Effects to create motion graphics.

click here to view a motion graphics showreel