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video and multimedia

Get the most out of digital technology with digital video and multimedia

North Devon Design make use of the latest technology to explore new, exciting and vibrant ways to get your message across to your audience through video and multimedia.


More and more websites are including video on their sites to explain and demonstrate their products and services. This is something we are increasingly getting asked to do. In most cases, we are supplied with raw footage, that we edit using software such as Adobe Premier and After Effects. It is our job to control the ‘look and feel’ of the video and create the motion graphics that will ensure brand continuity for the client.

The finished video is then uploaded to a video streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo where is an be embedded into the website.

One sector where we get a lot of work is the hospitality sector. Hotels, bars and guest houses are making use of video to give visitors a broader view of their properties and locations.

Growing in popularity are aerial, fly-over videos, shot from remote control drones filming from above. This is a specialised skill and requires a license so we get the experts in to obtain this footage.

Another popular form of video is the 3D panoramic video. This is video that is shot in such a way that you get a more realistic 3d view of walking through a property. This requires specialised camera equipment, so again we need to call in the help of the specialists to obtain this footage.

Once we have the footage we can create motion graphics, graphic overlays and source background music to create the finished video.


Multimedia s a broad term used to describe ways of delivering media, which could include:

  • Smart TV
  • Point of Sale
  • Digitial advertising
  • Digital information boards
  • Digital, interactive menus

There are too many applications to name them all and too many applications to be able to offer them all as a service, so we have formed links with companies that do. That way, we can design the layout, or the navigation and ensure branding continuity throughout as our role is to simply supply artwork to these companies.


It is a common practice now to use digital, visual aids to present information at meetings, conferences and seminars. One of the most common ways is to create a slideshow or presentation using software such as Microsoft’s Powerpoint, or Apple’s equivalent Keynote. While it is quite easy to put one together, it is not always so easy to make it look professional, or to make use of some of the more complex features, such as animations.

We are experts in using these software packages and can create presentations that look stunning and retain your branding throughout. Just send your content in any format and we can do the rest. We can even make the presentation hi-resolution for large conference screens.