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We can design and build a website that will work hard for your business

North Devon Design have been offering Web design as a service since 2003 and have kept pace with the fast moving changes constantly taking place. We embrace these changes as they widen the range of services we offer and help to improve our clients websites.


Web design has become the mainstay of our business. We design websites for start up businesses as part of a complete business set up package and also for established businesses looking to move or improve their current website.

Our Web Design service covers many areas of Internet and Web use including:

  • Standard brochure websites
  • Promotional micro-sites
  • SEO lead generation sites
  • Database driven web application sites
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Mobile optimised websites
  • Digital content streaming
  • Web based marketing and SEO

It is important that your website looks great, but there are many other factors that need to work well too that are not always so obvious. Good web design isn’t just about the site’s aesthetics, but also the information architecture and the user experience, both of which are part of the design process. We also have to consider the placement of marketing messages to catch the visitors eye and the download speed to stay competitive in Google.


The majority of websites we build are based on WordPress which is a great way to reduce development time and save money, not only at build time but in the future too. Find out more about WordPress.

Responsive websites

You may have heard the term “responsive website”? It describes a method of building websites in such as way that they will shrink, expand and change shape to respond to whichever device they are being viewed on. Websites have to work on PC monitors, Smart TVs, tablet devices, phablets and phones, therefore the design needs to be flexible and fluid enough to adapt to the screen. A well designed site will do this effortlessly without the need for multiple sites or the use of additional coding.

Mobile first

The current trend, and one that we at North Devon Design have adopted is to build for ‘mobile-first’. This means that the site is designed around the mobile screen so everything fits and works well there first, before expanding out to the desktop. This is not to everyone’s current taste as the desktop version can appear to have a lot of white space and large font sizes. As more and more sites adopt this process, it will become more common place and more readily accepted, however, there are ways and means of having both a mobile and desktop version if required.

Calls to action!

For most companies, the primary purpose of their website is to generate enquiries or sales. We offer Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing as a service to drive traffic to your website, but we also employ some basic marketing psychology and ‘calls to action’ to encourage visitors to respond to calls and search for more information, sign-up to subscription services, hit the ‘buy now’ button or pick up the phone to make an enquiry.

Our process

We always start with an initial meeting to understand your business and your requirements. We will offer suggestions as to how you may streamline or improve your current sites or processes.

The design stage starts with looking at the content and how it is structured. This impacts on how the site looks and how the main navigational menu is laid out. From this we can draw a site map and work out the user journey between landing on your site to finding the information they require.

The next stage is the user experience or UX design stage where consider the best placement for content, navigational elements and ‘calls to action’. This will take the form of wire-frame visuals, then working concepts to make sure everyone is comfortable with the way the design is progressing. The final stage of the design process is to hand over to the Graphic Designer who will create mock up visuals, combining an aesthetically pleasing design with your branding. Once approved, the designs are handed over to the developers to begin the build.

Web Development

Web development refers to the development process when building a website using computer code and scripting languages. Web development is the stage after the design stage. Web development is a service that we offer at North Devon Design as it is often beneficial for the designer and developer to work closely together to ensure that the developer interprets the designers instructions correctly.

You can find out more about our Web Development

What do we offer

We can carry out all stages of website production from design to development, or we can work with an external team to offer any single part of the process. We have worked with development companies on UX and Graphic Design projects and we have also worked with design companies to carry out their web development work.


All of our web design work is bespoke. It is simply not possible to apply a single charge as we may be building a complete site or working on part of a project with another company. Prices are based on a day rate quotation, but are very competitive.

We do have some set prices for start up businesses.

Solutions for start up businesses

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