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Established in 2003 and not lost a client yet

2003 was quite a while back now and the very latest in cutting edge design technology at that time was the new range of Apple iMac G4’s which were the first machines we bought.

At that time, the web was still in it’s infancy and there were still many businesses who saw the web as ‘geeky’ and were unable to grasp the potential of this new technology.

Broadband for Devon

At that time, a pressure group had been set up called Broadband for Devon, pressuring the government to improve internet connectivity for the region. They were quite instrumental is bringing about change in the region and were also able to offer grants to companies who needed a website creating.

As a small start up business ourselves, we benefited from this due to the recommendations of B4D, who directed many people to us. This was a real help in getting established and creating a local client base.

Things have changed dramatically now. There are more companies offering design and web services and many start up businesses opting to create their own websites as technology makes it easier. This makes us very proud that in all that time we have never lost a client.

Client retention

Clients have come and gone over the years, but when they have gone it is always as a result of a change in circumstances, such as the company having been bought out, or grown to a size where they employed in-house staff.

Not once in all that time have we ever lost a client due to dissatisfaction over cost, communication or deadlines.

Several of our current clients have been with us from the start, which at the time of writing is around 16 years. That really is something we are very proud of and intend to sustain in the future.