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Sturcross Medical


SturCross are a new company, based in Braunton, North Devon offering a range of medical services. SturCross is the umbrella company to SturCross Physiotherapy and SturCross aesthetics. The brief was to design and build a website using their existing branding, which communicated the high standard of services they will be offering. For this project, focus was on the umbrella site and the Aesthetics site.


The first step in all projects is to research. We looked at competitors, rivals and peers. We analysed the target market. Based on the findings, we began to develop a look and feel for the site. Initially, we had to design the umbrella site as this would dictate how the sub-sites would look, work and integrate. Once done, we designed and built the Aesthetics website.

The biggest issue we faced with this project was how to manage all the different sites. After much deliberation, we decided on using WordPress Multi-Site which enables the use of a parent site who’s functionality and styles can be passed down to a child site. Now this is in place, we can add any number of new sites which will all carry the general look and feel and branding of the SturCross, main umbrella site.

Click here to visit the SturCross Aesthetics in North Devon website