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Douglas Bader Foundation

Since 2008, we have enjoyed a wonderfully warm working relationship with The Douglas Bader Foundation, a charity set up by the family of Sir Douglas Bader to help people affected by limb loss and disability.

Over the years, the charity’s focus and activities have changed and so has their website to reflect the changes.

In 2022, The DBF reached their 40 year milestone and decisions were made to change again.

Many of the activities the charity ran are now been run by larger organisations, so The DBF switched to a charitable trust that now funds other charities and organisations to carry on similar work in their name.

As such as new website design was required, which was now the fifth design we have created for them.

The design needed to be simplified to reflect the reduction in activities, with an all together more ‘grown up’ appearance.

The guys at The Douglas Bader Foundation were delighted.