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Absolute Rally podcast

The brief

Absolute Rally is a weekly podcast magazine show featuring news, reviews, interviews and articles on the sport of international rallying. The team behind the programme are all involved in rallying and media. They regularly have guest interviews with some of the leading names in the sport both present and past.

The podcast is made available through Itunes and Podbean, but the team wanted their own website where the podcasts could be archived, played and downloaded.

They required a full brand identity used for advertising, sponsorship and their podcast website.

The solution

This project began with no more than the podcast name. The first step was to create a logo and associated branding. The most pressing need at the time was for a logo file to upload to Podbean and Itunes.

With the logo and branding in place, the next stage was to create digital adverts to be hosted on third-party websites.

With the immediate jobs out of the way, work began on designing the website. The website was built using WordPress and we sourced a suitable, ready-made theme that had built in technology for playing podcasts.

Their requirements were quite straightforward, so we moved on from the design stage quite quickly and went straight into the development phase where the site was configured and the theme file customised to fit with the new branding.


Absolute Rally