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Designing websites for North Devon based businesses since 2003

Despite being based in North Devon, North Devon Design have clients all over the country from Liverpool to Manchester, Malvern to Bath, Frome to Guildford and all over the South West. However, we love staying local and working within North Devon Web Design. It’s nice to do business face to face and a great excuse to get out into the beautiful North Devon countryside to visit clients.

Our Web Design service covers many areas of Internet and Web use including:

  • Standard brochure websites
  • Promotional micro-sites
  • SEO lead generation sites
  • Database driven web application sites
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Mobile optimised websites
  • Digital content streaming
  • Web based marketing and SEO

North Devon Web design, the complete package

North Devon Design offer a comprehensive, full spectrum design service for businesses in North Devon from the initial consultation to market research, web design, web development, domain name registration, website hosting and managed, helpdesk services.

All of These services can be neatly integrated into our branding and marketing services to create a complete package to ensure a great looking end product that works hard for your business.

Pioneering innovations

We enjoy nothing more than exploiting the latest advancements in web technology to pioneer new, fresh and exciting innovations combined with great design to improve, promote or streamline your business or open up new revenue channels.

Content Management System CMS

Every North Devon website we build comes with a backend Content Management System enabling our clients to edit, update and add to the site themselves without the need for a web designer. We use Open-Source Content Management Systems like Drupal and Joomla, but by far, the most popular CMS is WordPress.

Originally a blogging platform, WordPress has grown into a full CMS with an extensive support system from third parties enabling extra functionality through easy to install plugins. It is easy to add news, blogs, new pages, new products, upload and edit images and optimise SEO when using WordPress.

North Devon WordPress Development

All content is kept separate from the site template, so when it’s time to give the site a fresh, new look, only the template files need changing and not the entire site which will save a huge amount of time and development costs.

Responsive websites

You may have heard the term “responsive website”? It describes a method of building websites in such as way that they will shrink, expand and change shape to respond to whichever device they are being viewed on. There was a time when it was necessary to build several sites and keep them all synced, but those days are past. Every North Devon website we design and build now is responsive and will look great on PC monitors, Smart TVs, tablet devices, phablets and phones.

Market research suggest the number of people viewing the web on tablet devices such as the Apple iPad is increasing all the time and is set to overtake standard monitors, so all of our sites are now built primarily for that size of device, with the advantage of working on PC monitors too.

An optimised, responsive website improves the user experience when viewing on smaller devices, so if the end user is made to feel comfortable they are more likely to spend longer on the site and hopefully click on the ‘buy now’ or ‘contact us now’ button.

Calls to action!

For most companies, the primary purpose of their website is to generate enquiries or sales. We offer Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing as a service to drive traffic to your website, but we also employ some basic marketing psychology and ‘calls to action’ to encourage visitors to respond to calls and search for more information, sign-up to subscription services, hit the ‘buy now’ button or pick up the phone to make an enquiry.

SEO services in North Devon