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21net retired

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

21Net brochure cover design

21net started life back in 2001 providing on-board broadband, multimedia, and connectivity solutions to railway companies.

It offers Internet on-board, such as satellite and terrestrial, and terrestrial only Internet and broadband services for train operators and its customers; and multimedia entertainment, including video on demand and live TV to passenger laptops, tablets, and overhead or personal screens.

In 2003 NDD began work creating a corporate identity for 21net and designing a wide range of print and digital media marketing material. Once the company was up and running it was sold on, so unfortunately we no longer continued to be involved but were pleased to see our identity being used.

Over the years, 21net has grown now provides services to train companies throughout Europe and Canada. It has recently been sold to Alstom and integrated into Nomad Digital, a company which was also purchased by Alstom, who were already providing similar communication services to train operators. As 21Net is being integrated into an existing company, there is no longer the need for them to have their own identity, so after 15 years their branding is sadly being retired.

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