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This time it’s personalised

Posted on Jun 19, 2017

Mark Parkhouse engraved personalised jewellery

It has been some time since we first built an e-commerce online shop for Barnstaple based Antique and Jewellery specialists Mark Parkhouse. The time had come to give the site a refresh and bring it up to date with a more modern look and some additional shop features.

One feature request in particular gave us a challenge. The client asked if we could add engraving to some of their products. In itself, this is not too hard as their shop is based on the award winning WooCommerce for WordPress and has lots of third party support to do just about one would require from an online shop, but where the challenge lay was that with each different product came a different range of options for engraving.

This required writing custom conditions which used hooks to appear on specific product pages depending on the category ID.

It’s all up and running now and has been used many times, so it’s obviously a feature their customers wanted.

Take a look at the Personalised category on the Mark Parkhouse website to see how it works.