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Secure websites

Posted on Feb 19, 2017

You may have noticed recently that many websites are now showing a warning saying they are not secure. This isn’t anything new. The majority of websites on the web are not secure and unless you are inputting personal or financial details, it doesn’t really matter.

Well, actually that’s what everyone thought but as the problem of identity theft grows, it has become apparent that all websites should really be secured to prevent any information leaking out that can be pieced together like a jigsaw to create a full picture of an individual’s demographics.

To this end, search engine’s such as Google and Browser’s such as Firefox are now displaying warnings that site’s are insecure.

Over the next few months we will be migrating all of our sites onto secure servers using SSL connections and providing secure certification to prevent the warnings from appearing and giving peace of mind to both the website owner and the visitor.

This will be a lot of work and may cause some people some problems both with their website and with their email as our email servers will be moving too. Please be assured that we will sort all problems out as soon as possible and once completed, everything will return to normal.