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The Fine Art Collective

About TFAC The Fine Art Collective

Col Art are an international company who own many high street art product brands some of which include Windsor & Newton, Reeves, Liquitex and Lefranc Bourgeois.

The Fine Art Collective is an initiative created by Col Art to support fine art by bringing together both new and experienced artists to share techniques and inspiration.

The Fine Art Collective or TFAC work closely with universities setting up workshops and lectures which benefits both the students and the lecturers, but also introduces the vast array of fine art products available through the Col Art brands.

The brief

TFAC already existed when this project began, but they did not have a logo or identity at that point, and their website was basic and outdated.

They required a new brand identity including new logo and a fresh new website.

The solution

While the new logo appears quite simplistic, the process was far from it, as TFAC is an international organistaion, with each country having it’s own needs and requirements. After many Skype meetings and developmental drawings, the logo was agreed upon, so the next step was to create the rest of the identity and a guideline booklet to help all of TFAC create the same look and feel throughout all their websites and printed material.

The development of the website was a joint project. TFAC carried out the UX design and supplied wireframe diagrams explaining their requirements. The new identity was applied to the wireframes, creating mock up designs that went through a QA process before sign off.

Once the mock up designs were agreed, pixel perfect PSD files based on a 12 column bootstrap template were created and passed over to Col Art’s internal web development team. All that was required after that was to give consultation during the development build and then the site went live.


Col Art