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Coreware were a market leading web development company based in Guildford in Surrey, lead by programming guru Toby Russell. Coreware produced a wide variety of web based applications and digital solutions for an impressive array of blue chip clients which included Reuters, Opta Sportsdata, RBI, Castrol, IOC, REL, IPC, Defra and AQA.

Their cutting edge technology made them the go-to people for many companies looking to take their digital products forward. They adopted WordPress as a CMS platform at a very early stage and became one of the countries leading WordPress development companies, creating plugins that could be used for data feeds and analysis.


Between 2007 and 2015, we were involved in many projects for Coreware, which began with a branding project to give the company a brand identity in order to create business stationery and  marketing material such as brochures, advertisements and info sheets.

Once established, we were recruited to get involved in Coreware projects such as UX design and web design for websites, microsites and widgets produced for clients such as Reuters.

Further along our involvement in projects increased as we took our designs into the front-end development stages, freeing up the Coreware development team to focus on back-end development.

As Coreware became more involved with WordPress, our role increased to designing and building entire themes for sites.

Alongside client work, Coreware also developed their own products which included Photocore, Geocore, Sportcore and Mediacore. Initially built from scratch, these products were adapted into WordPress plugins and cloud-based SAAS solutions.

Photocore was a Photo Management application designed specifically for photo journalists.

Geocore was a solution to managing multi-language websites.

Sportcore was a suite of products delivering real time sports data

Mediacore was the flagship of the range offering a WordPress based solution to publishing multiple magazine websites and managing assets between sites and uesrs.

As well as being involved in the design of the application interfaces, we also designed the branding for each product.