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IOS 8 developer

Posted on Jun 18, 2014


It’s the summer and it’s been, by recent standards, a really good summer, but I am now looking forward to autumn.

No, not because the World Cup is over and I can’t wait for the new football season to start and no, it’s not becuase my birthday is in the autumn either. I can’t wait for autumn to see the release of Apple’s IOS8.

In case you don’t know, IOS is the mobile operating system from Apple that runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

As usual, Apple have made many improvements in their quest for perfection adding lots of extra features but in particular a wealth of connectivity features that will enable all Apple products to sync, communicate and share with each other like never before. Great news if you have a load of Apple products but not so great if you have a combination like I do.

What really excites me about the new IOS is the additions for IOS developers, which will make some tasks a lot easier and make other tasks more possible.

IOS 8 Developer

HomeKit will help to better integrate with home automation and connected devices, while CloudKit will store key values and blobs on Apple’s servers. From IOS’s big brother, Mac OSX comes SceneKit which makes for easier 3D game creation. Also added is Metal which is for writing directly to the GPU. Metal promises performance never before possible.

The most notable addition for us though is Swift. This is a brand new programming language that promises to provide REPL and Playground features to make programming more accessible to everyone.

All in all, this means more fun for us and more options for our clients.