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Goodbye to Simpsonrallying

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

“I want to go rallying and need to impress sponsors”. A multi-media cd-rom was the answer.

Tony had been competing in motor sport since his teens in modified cars, but by 2002 was ready to step up a gear and join  the semi-professional circuit in the British Rally Championships.

The step up required a lot more financial support from sponsors so we undertook a promotional campaign to ‘wow’ companies using a multi-media cd-rom with movie clips, and a printed folder with fact sheets with costs and benefits etc.

The promotional work did the trick and sponsors came on board, so the next step was design and build Tony a website.

Simpsonrallying.com went live at the tail end of 2002 and was hailed as cutting edge for it’s time in design and functionality. Slick, professional, cool, racy and contemporary all rolled into one.

Tony has continued to compete at a high level and Simponrallying has seen a few design updates over the years as styles and technology has changed.

However, during this time, Tony had been enjoying success with his other skill of stand up comedy. Quite often his comedy set would include some of the funny and farcical things can happen at Rally meets. His stage experience and rally knowledge combined when he was asked to host a radio show called ‘Total Rally’ which in turn led to several other media and live appearance opportunities.

We all came to the conclusion that Simpsonrallying.com was now defunct and a need for a wider, more encompassing website was needed.


At the tail end of 2014, we got to work designing a new identity and website that would take Tony forward. The new site went live early in 2015 and has so far met with all round approval from friends and fans alike.

Tony is Twitter mad, so it made sense to add a Twitter feed to his new site as it’s the best way of keeping the site updated with the latest news.

Take a look for yourself:


Sadly though, this meant that the old Simpsonrallying.com has had to come down, which is strangely quite sad for us and Tony due to it’s success and popularity. It’s time consuming looking after two websites, especially when there is no need as a lot of the content is duplicated. Of course, there are also the implications of search engine damage if the two sites run the same content too.

So, it’s farewell to Simpsonrallying.com and good luck to Tonysimpson.co.uk