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Das ist eine gute Idee

Posted on May 5, 2019

Ridan.de website

In case you can’t speak German, the title translates as ‘That is a good idea’. The good idea was to create multilingual websites for Ridan’s EU customer base.

The North Devon based company who designed and builds the innovative Ridan Composting system are seeing an increase in sales on the European continent and decided to act by having a set of websites build in several European languages including German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The Ridan composter is an eco-friendly machine that requires only a handle turn to work. It can process an industrial amount of food waste and turns it into high quality compost. The Ridan Composting system is perfect for schools, colleges, cafes, restaurants and catering businesses.

There are several advantages : A company can save money on their food waste removal costs. When turned into compost the food waste does not create harmful gases, which happens as a result of being thrown into landfill, and of course, there are no need for the vehicles that usually collect and transport the waste. The compost can be used or sold.

The Ridan composter has received a warm reception in the UK as more businesses try to adopt ‘green’ policies, but it has really taken off on the continent where some countries are ahead of the UK.

Each site is a single page and all based on the same template, but all of the text has been professionally translated into the different languages and are hosted on EU domains, such as ridan.de, ridan.fr. ridan.it and ridan.es.

A single page may not be enough to work it’s way to the top of a search engine, but it will gie us a chance to monitor the sites and see how they perform and then we can choose which if any require additional content.

All four EU sites are being monitored via Google Analytics.

There are links from the sites linking back to the parent UK site.

Visit the Ridan website