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Arts website for North Devon

Posted on Oct 15, 2019

North Devon Arts website

Bright new website for local arts group

North Devon Arts are an community networking group for people who enjoy art. They have regular meetings and exhibitions and feature some of the best artists North Devon has to offer.

Group members include painters, illustrators, sculptors, designers, photographers, even make up artists.

The group have been established since 1998 and felt it was time for a fresh new logo and branding and a more up to date website.

It was a pleasure working with such talented people. Their artwork is fantastic and incredibly inspiring which helped in developing a new look for them. The fundamental design of the website is based around the artists and their galleries of images, which are also combined into one main gallery.

An events calendar lists all of their meetings, exhibitions and art workshops throughout North Devon.

They are a very friendly group and welcome both professional and amateur artists from all art disciplines as well as those who just love art. Membership is just £25 per year and can be purchased directly from their website.

The featured picture for this article is entitled ‘Asleep on the job’ by John Secgan

Visit the North Devon Arts website