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Advantages of You Tube

Posted on Jul 14, 2014

Holidays in Croyde video on You Tube

Who hasn’t visited You Tube? My kids love all the viral videos. My family love all the silly animals doing silly things. Personally I use it as a juke box, digging out old music videos from my childhood in the 1980’s.

What I mostly use You Tube for now is to help North Devon Design clients gain a higher ranking in Google.

So how does this work?

Google are always pushing forward with pioneering ideas. Their search algorithm is probably the best there is, which is why Google is the most popular search engine (In the western world at least). But now, moving forward once more, Google want to give their users more. Rather than simply returning a list of websites, Google want to include latest news, products, events, interesting snippets and media such as sound and vision. Anything and everything to improve the user’s experience and add value to their search engine.

Google purchased You Tube a couple of years back and have integrated it into their suite of online apps and tools. Therefore if somebody keys a search into Google and there is relevant video content it will be given a high ranking, possibly the first page, possibly above a rival’s web page. Not only that, but linking between your own website, You Tube and Google Plus, all helps to validate your domain, which adds point to your domain and potentially increasing it’s ranking too.

Not everybody has video content to add to You Tube, but most people have photographs that can be turned into a slideshow, then converted into video. As long as all the details, tags and descriptions are filled in with all the relevant key words, it’s well worth doing.