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DWP Newsletter Outer


Year: 2005
Client: David Wilson Partnership – Architects
Work: Business stationary, website, marketing material


David Wilson Partnership are a company of architects based in Barnstaple. They were undertaking a marketing campaign and came to North Devon Design for ideas and materials. One idea was to create a newsletter to send out to both potential and existing clients to highlight some of their recent work and new and exciting projects they had been involved in.


The initial idea was for an A4 size newsletter. The work they were involved in at the time was very new and exciting so we suggested that they would benefit from a more interesting, engaging format. We settled on a 210mm x 210mm 3 fold leaflet design that gave ample space to some of the exciting imagery they provided. Being a folded leaflet, there would be greater interaction with the reader and encourage them to open the leaflet and read more. We had previously created their website and had created a corporate identity during this process. We drew on the corporate identity during the designing of the newsletter, which was initially sketched out on paper, then later produced using Adobe Pagemaker (Later converted to Freehand for the benefit of the printers).