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  • Crazyfish Music flyer
  • Client: Crazyfish Management
  • Year: 2012
  • Categories:


Crazyfish are a small music management company based in North Devon who manage bands by arranging gigs, organising recording sessions, arranging record deals and promotion. In order to generate more business, they undertook a marketing campaign focusing on colleges, universities, rehearsal studios and any other location where young people, bands, singers and musicians may be. The first phase was to advertise using fly leaflets handed out at events and pinned to notice boards.


Having previously worked with Crazyfish on a number of projects including the design and build of their website, we had already established a logo and identity and this was used in the creation of their flyer leaflet. Colours were minimal with just black, white and gold being used to create a cool and sophisticated look and feel. The details of the promotion were clearly bulleted using numbered circles. The image used in the header was an attractive young woman wearing headphones to indicate the flyer was about music and aimed at young people.