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21Net Identity

21Net were just starting up when we got involved back in 2003. They needed a logo and corporate identity. The service they were offering was very high tech and very cutting edge at the time and their corporate identity needed to reflect this.

The Identity needed to be easily recognisable as it would be on equipment within the trains. Once the identity was completed, they requested a range of promotional and marketing material which included brochures, business stationery and eventually a website.


After some initial research which included the creation of mood boards, we created several logo designs then printed them out onto stickers. we then placed the stickers at various points on a train and sat back to see which design stood out with the greatest impact. This helped us to decide which logo design to use.

The logo then formed the basis of a complete corporate identity, which was then used a guide to create a wealth of marketing and promotional material including product sheets, brochures and technical drawings.

All this material was then made available as downloads when we created their first website. 21Net went on to be packaged and sold. The identity and logo were kept but the website and all other marketing material was passed to another company.

Having built substantial markets in Europe and Canada, 21Net were purchased by Alstom On 4 April 2018 as part of its digital mobility strategy. As of 1 July 2018, 21net was integrated into Nomad Digital and the original brand created by NDD is being retired.