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Search Engine Optimisation

For a website to be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, the site has to be optimised. This is a process whereby specific key search phrases are used in strategic places such as headings, hyperlinks and image tags to conform to the requirements of search engines.

Search engine optimisation in itself only ensures a website will be found on search engines, it does not guarantee a highly ranked, high position in a search engine. Gaining a high position requires much more work than optimisation alone, although it is a crucial part of the process.

SEO services for North Devon Businesses

Having worked with websites for many years, we have gained an understanding of how search engines index websites and how they work, which means that we can offer an excellent SEO service for businesses in North Devon.

We make extensive use of a third-party plugin which gives clear guidance of the best ways to optimise or improve pages, so you can take over and optimise your own site if you wish.

Combined with analytical software, we can monitor how well your website performs in search engines enabling us to make tweaks and add additional content to help improve your position by focusing on specific key search phrases.

Do you require search engine optimisation?