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Choosing the right logo is an important step in building a new business or moving an established one forward

At North Devon Design we are experts at designing logos. Logos for businesses or logos for products. Standalone logos or as part of a complete identity. The importance of a logo should never be underestimated.

What is a logo?

Like a family crest, or national flag, a logo is a piece of artwork bringing together design elements, colours and type styles that are used to instantly identify your business or product. Logos are more memorable than names alone and help to quickly identify you with your customers, helping to build a bond of trust as your logo gains familiarity. A logo can help visually explain what your company or product does, or appeal directly to your target market.

Start-up businesses

For start up businesses, we can create a logo design during the early stages of a project or as part of a corporate identity. The first steps are to get to know you and your business. We then do market research to analyse your customers and competitors. Finally, we draw on contemporary styles or tried and tested traditional styles to create a series of designs, leaving you to choose your favourite.

Established businesses

Logo design for established businesses can be more complex. For established businesses we offer a logo refresh service in which we modernise your logo, or create variations that can be used on various platforms. We can also offer a staged re-branding where your logo and corporate identity can be completely changed over a period of time.

Logo reproduction

If you already have a logo, but don’t have the original artwork, then we can professionally redraw the logo creating a full set of designs from print-ready, high resolution versions, down to screen-resolution web optimised versions. Other reproduction services include converting full colour logos to a single colour (mono-print) or vice-versa. We can convert any logo to work in any situation whether it is to be litho-printed onto paper, animated in video, slik-screen printed onto garments or reproduced in digital media such as the web.

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