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Give your business or product it’s own unique identity through branding to help it stand out from the crowd

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What is a branding?

Throughout history, graphic symbols and colour have been used in flags and crests to identify countries, families and organistaions. In Victorian times, the same idea began being applied to businesses and products. Initially used simply for identification, branding has evolved to add a sense of character and personality in order to appeal to specific demographics and to stand out from competitors.

Branding is created through a combination of logos, images, graphic elements, colours, typefaces and written style that blend to create a unique look that instantly identifies your product or service. A good brand identity will communicate with the customer, giving them an instant summary of who you are, what your product is, what the quality is like and who the business or product is aimed at.

At the very least, all businesses or products require a logo design, but as your business or product evolves, there may be a need be a need for a full brand identity or corporate identity which can be applied to brochures, websites and all customer facing communications and marketing material.


After an initial consultation in which we will gain an understanding of your product or service, we will then carry out research to gain and understanding of your competitors, products and what your target market is looking for. The research will then be used to create a series of concept ideas. We will then arrange a secondary meeting to decide on the best idea and then develop that into a full identity.

Make the right impression every time

A corporate identity is a collection of graphic elements, colours, typefaces and design rules that ensure a consistent look and feel throughout your entire business from business cards, to website, to vehicle livery and everything in between. These rules are laid out in a guideline document that can be adhered to, to ensure a uniform look and feel throughout.

Do I need a corporate identity?

A corporate identity is as personal as you. If it matters to you how others perceive you, then it should matter how they perceive your business. A uniform look and feel across all of your digital and printed material not only helps to make your business instantly recognisable but it also creates an air of professionalism that helps to build a level of trust with clients and customers.

Corporate Identity for Start-up businesses

For start up businesses, we can create a corporate identity based around your logo, or create a logo as part of a brand new corporate identity. The first steps are to get to know you and your business. We then do market research to analyse your customers and competitors. Finally, we draw on contemporary styles or tried and tested traditional styles to create a series of designs, leaving you to choose your favourite.

Corporate Identity for Established businesses

For established businesses, we can build on your existing identity to create a more comprehensive set of rules, or we can modernise and refresh your existing identity. If you are looking for a completely new corporate identity, we can use a phased approach over a period of time to gradually change your identity to avoid the risk of losing customers.

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